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I was looking for a good pre-workout supplement that doesn’t contain caffeine and came across Edge-5 on I absolutely love the energy and intense pump I get during my training. Thanks for great product Dr. Kofi
Damian, M, -
I’m lactose intolerant. I’ve tried many protein powders looking for one that won’t upset my stomach. I finally found MyoZest and it is the only protein that doesn’t upset my stomach. The vanilla flavor is my favorite. Taste great and mixes well!
Jessica, -
Dr Kofi is trustworthy, consistent and reliable
Naveen, P, CEO - Indian Online Marketing
Dr. Kofi really knows his stuff! He’s taken his experience and success in professional bodybuilding and merged it with his in depth knowledge of pharmaceuticals in order to take sports nutrition to the next level!
Greg, S., Singer/Songwriter, Model, Vocal Coach, Filmmaker - Greg, S.
Dr. Kofi is an astute and personable professional, who knows his work and very results oriented! I will give him very high recommendation for his integrity and professionalism!
Prince, O, Executive Director - New Age Water Engineering Ghana Ltd.
I have been using KoFlex Sports Nutrition for almost a year now and have achieved great results. I am stronger, more lean, and heathier from using the products. I am also a professional MMA fighter, so nurtition is an important part of my weekly routine. I currently train 5-6 days a week and need fuel to keep my body performing at a high level. Dr. Kofi’s Edge-5 with all its amino acids does just that. Then the MyoZest Protein helps rebuild and repair all my muscles. I also use the DHP to keep all my body flooded with good vitamins and minerals so I stay healthy. I love the products and will continue using them. Dr. Kofi is extremely knowledgable about what it takes to formulate a great supplement. He is not only a doctor, but also a body builder who has competed and is ranked on a national level. He knows exactly what it takes to have great nutrition and a healthy natural lifestyle. Dr. Kofi is also very accessible and willing to offer advice on good nutrition practices and creating a better plan for overall health. I recommend KoFlex Sports Nutrition to anyone looking to be healthier and do it the natural way.
Jeff, I, Business Owner - Scorpion Style Personal Training and Warrior Vacations
One of the best fitness coaches in the business!
John, K, Owner - Keyz Entertainment
The best I’ve ever looked was when I trained with Dr. Kofi
Andre, Owner - Sporty Cuts




Quality from Intelligent Effort
Quality is intelligent effort perfectly executed. This is the driving force behind our premium supplements.”Where Natural Athletes Fuel Up™”
Words of Wisdom 
Unlimit yourself because impossible resides in ourselves. Set a goal and believe it is possible to achieve it and you’re more than half way there. Make it a fantastic day everyone. And as always, thanks for your support. #koflexsports #koflex
Koflex Motivation 
Never settle; always strive to better yourself and the lives of people around you. If you can’t improve anything about yourself, you’re probably already dead. Make it a fine day everyone!
Words of Wisdom
The most satisfying days of our lives are those days when we know we got things DONE!
Words of Wisdom
Keep your eyes on the prize, the things OR people that REALLY matter and you’ll never miss an open door. 

Team Koflex

Dr. Kofi

Founder/Health & Fitness Consultant

Dr. Kofi Abrampah (Dr. Kofi) is the owner and founder of KOFLEX SPORTS NUTRITION (KSN). KSN features the unique and all-natural health and sports nutraceutical formulations of Dr. Kofi. His unique formulations are backed by years of extensive research and clinical studies. Learn More

Tara Lynn Townes

Wellness Consultant

Tara Lynn Townes, owner and founder of Living Beyond U and Wellness Consultant at Koflex Sports Corp, is an impassioned motivator and professional life coach. She has over twenty years of seasoned experience in working with women, children, and families as a whole. Her extensive knowledge stems from the current pursuit of her Master’s in Family and Human Development at Arizona State University, a BS in Child Development, and many years of professional life coaching, and counseling…Learn More

Jason Nguyen

Private Trainer

Jason Nguyen is a Certified Fitness Trainer with:

  • B.S Kinesiology. C.E.S (Corrective Exercise Specialist)
  • Specialized in Post-Rehab, Strength and Condition and Functional Training Learn More

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Dr. Kofi Abrampah founded the idea of operating a business venture that caters to today’s ever-growing health and fitness-conscious consumers. Since 1999, Dr. Kofi has been bodybuilding competitively and is a multi-time champion in professional natural bodybuilding competitions. In his own “bodysculpting” experience, Dr. Kofi found that Results-Oriented health and fitness business are inadequate and rare in today the market. He therefore developed a vision to design a sports and fitness studio that is driven by measurable results and customer satisfaction. Learn more.

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