Clifford Amissah

My name is Clifford Amissah, from Ghana. I’m the CEO of PRO-STYLE FITNESS GH, a gym instructor, and an ambassador for KOFLEX SPORTS NUTRITION. The interest and desire for fitness started from junior high school as a soccer player, I then switched to basketball at senior high school. Since then, fitness (Bodybuilding) has become my lifestyle. Taking me out of the gym is like taking a fish out of water. My philosophy is “Never wish for it. Work for it. Pain is victory. Definition is success”.

Never ending development and learning – I don’t care who you are or what your goals are, we can learn from everyone. The gym is my place to go and forget about the world, headphones on, focus and kill it! I take my training with the premium supplements from Koflex Sports Nutrition.

For pre workout, I use Edge5 to give me maximum energy to train hard and recover faster; and I use Myozest immediately post workout to help me build leaner muscles.