Looking for an energy supplement that actually helps you perform and RECOVER faster, with no caffeine? Try my Amino-acid based Energy and Recovery supplement: EDGE-5™.

If your pre-workout is not giving you the results you’re training hard for? Make a switch to Edge5, the premium energy and recovery supplement formulated by a Clinical Pharmacist with proven effectiveness! Train harder; Recover Faster; Repeat… with Edge5™. Formulated with energy boosting Amino Acids, BCAAs, Electrolytes, B-Vitamins, and Creatine all in ONE product to save you money! You get 5 different products in ONE. The is why we call our flagship supplement, EDGE-5™ – The most complete and most effective Pre-workout supplement in sports nutrition.

1. BCAAs ✔️

A real ENERGY supplement is one that helps you do work; gives you energy to do what you have to do; and formulated with powerful ingredients that help you RECOVER faster!! EDGE5 is such energy supplement, formulated with amino acids, B-Vitamins, Electrolytes, and more… Try one with your workout and see for yourself.

Edge5 helps you build LEAN muscles by getting rid of the water between your muscles while drawing water into the muscles so that you look fuller and denser.

The best pre-workout supplement in the business – Train like a beast; Recover faster; Repeat. I don’t leave home without it. Order Edge5 now and receive 25% off plus FREE SHIPPING


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Established in 2005, KOFLEX SPORTS NUTRITION is a global Health and Sports Nutrition Company, specializing in the development of innovative products and services to promote a healthier lifestyle.

We turn beneficial ALL-NATURAL ingredients into highly effective products that help people live healthier lives.

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