Edge5 For Bodybuilders
What is the science behind EDGE-5™ and why is it more effective than any other pre-workout supplement? Because EDGE5™ was formulated to help you use more body fat as your energy source during your workout. It helps keep your muscle tissues intact so you don’t use muscle protein for energy; while helping you recover faster › Read more

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“Polysupplement” in Bodybuilding
“Polysupplement” was derived from a pharmacy term called “Polypharmacy”.  Polypharmacy is defined as the use of several drugs or medicines together in the treatment of disease, suggesting indiscriminate, unscientific, or excessive prescription. The term is used when too many forms of medication are used by a patient, more drugs are prescribed than clinically warranted, or
Protein Myths and Reality
There are lots of misconceptions out there about the body’s protein needs. We hope this tip provides some clarity on the issue. -Protein doesn’t build muscle–exercise does! True, protein plays a key role in helping the muscles repair and rebuild once a workout has taken place. But you won’t gain any muscle mass simply by
Should you eat Brown Rice or White Rice if you are trying to cut calories or lose weight?
Unless the taste and texture of brown rice make you eat less, there is no difference and here is why: Brown rice and white rice have similar amounts of calories, carbohydrates, and protein. The main differences between the two forms of rice lie in processing and nutritional content. Brown rice is simply white rice that
Koflex Reminder
Remember to take your multi-vitamins everyday this week.
Tip to help you lose weight
Eat slowly to decrease your urge to get seconds and try to leave some food on your plate. Less calories can help you lose weight and keep you fit.
MyoZest Breakfast Smoothie 
Here’s a good breakfast smoothie recipe: SHOPPING LIST MyoZest Banana Strawberries Blueberries (Or Berry Mix) Almond/Peanut butter Yogurt Almond or Soy Milk Directions Freeze a banana and a cup of berries overnight and in the morning, blend it with 1/2 cup yogurt, one scoop of MyoZest, Almond butter, Almond/Soy Milk and ice until it’s smooth.
What happens to Drugs and/or Nutritional Supplements after ingestion?   DEFINITIONS: DRUG: In pharmacology, a drug is defined as “a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being.” Drugs may be prescribed for a limited duration, or on a regular basis for

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